Taking into account FPF’s pedagogical and social function, the development of projects to reach children is key. Through football, it is possible to educate and share important values ​​ which are cross-cutting to our society – solidarity, fair-play, team spirit, respect, gender equality, interculturality, etc.

With this in mind, on November 9th, SuperQuinas was launched – a series of children’s animation, with a 100% Portuguese production, which is being broadcasted simultaneously on the Panda and Biggs tv channels – two of the television channels with the highest audience among the youngest age groups in Portugal, for the first time in the history of national television.

João and Bia, who are the mascots of our teams, are the main protagonists of the series. They are two super athletes who, as team captains, are always looking for the right strategy to solve their colleagues’ problems and are always ready to help. With SuperQuinas, FPF aims to inspire all boys and girls by example and through the history of national teams and athletes, following the characters in a wide diversity of challenges and achievements over 13 episodes.

Nuno Moura, Chief Marketing Officer of the Portuguese Football Federation, mentions: “SuperQuinas is a strategic project by FPF with the objective of bringing football values to children, from fair play, to solidarity and bravery. We want all Portuguese boys and girls to be able to learn from João and Bia all the benefits related to football and that this animated series will lead parents and children to understand the importance of sports, teamwork and healthy eating. These series were created taking into account the enhancement of the social and pedagogical function that FPF assumes 365 days a year, with a formative role at the service of young people and children as athletes and individuals.”

This series was born after the success of the awareness campaign SuperQuinas Tips (Dicas dos SuperQuinas) which, in times of pandemic, allowed FPF to promote the acquisition of habits and behaviors in a playful and fun way, through videos on topics such as hygiene, food or physical activity and which are timeless. These tips were a tool used by teachers on Portuguese Tele-School during the pandemic with the certification of the Ministry of Education.

Through SuperQuinas, João and Bia will bring the benefits of football and sports to parents and children in the most diverse ways … either through TV, in person or through digital platforms. This strategy is proving to be a winner on reaching out to children and early on to attract their attention to national football teams.

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