Tech your club’s performance to the next level with Technoleon 2.0

In today’s competitive football environment, leveraging advanced technology and data intelligence is key. Technoleon, an advanced platform by Forward Football, integrates science, data analysis, and technology into daily football practices, optimizing talent development and performance.

All Your Sports Data in One Place

Technoleon is a cloud-based sports data intelligence platform that consolidates performance data into a user-friendly dashboard. Using AI and machine learning, Technoleon covers training sessions, match performances, skill tests, and player questionnaires, providing a comprehensive overview of progress and comparison.

Empowering Coaches and Players

For coaches, Technoleon contextualizes performances against club standards, facilitating informed decisions on training structures, player development, and team selection. It allows comparison of players, units, positions, matches, and training sessions by AI-driven data insights.

Players access their performance data anytime, enabling them to measure progress against club benchmarks and goals. This empowers continuous improvement.

New Features in Technoleon 2.0

Unveiled at Soccerex 2024, Technoleon 2.0 includes AI-driven models and parameters:

  • xSP: expected Successful Pass
  • xSD: expected Successful Dribble
  • xSC: expected Space Control
  • xSI: expected Successful Interception
  • xSA: expected Successful Attack
  • TPL: The Perfect Load
  • xSB: expected Successful Block
  • xSBp: expected Successful Ball possession

For example, xSP assesses the risk/difficulty of a pass, considering variables like player positions, pressure, length and direction of pass and more.

AI for Youth Training and Space Dominance

At Soccerex Europe 2024, Forward Football discussed how AI helps train and monitor youth players’ contributions to ‘space dominance’ and ‘block forming’. Lead Data Scientist Ryan Stepfner explained and demonstrated how AI models can track player contributions to the play, calculating expected block formation and ball-win-back dynamics, as part of the ‘transition-attack-to-defense’ phase of the game.

Experience Technoleon Today

Elevate your club’s performance with advanced data analysis. Contact Forward Football for a free demo of Technoleon and explore its functionalities. Discover how this innovative platform in combination with state-of-the-art technologies can revolutionize performance analysis and give your club a competitive edge.

For more information and to schedule a demo, visit Forward Football or contact An overview of all (AI-driven) data models and metrics you can download here.

By leveraging Technoleon, your club can achieve new heights of performance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring cutting-edge technology to your team.