The deal was brokered by Malaysia-based sports consultancy ResultX Asia, which represents Kickstox across Asia and will work with The Vibes to roll out and operate the game in Malaysia.

The Vibes, a news portal that launched in September this year, aims to promote quality and independent journalism in Malaysia to inform and educate readers about the country. Its sports coverage has now been given a fun boost with this partnership as it allows football fans to play online with their friends and stand a chance to win great prizes in the battles.

Kickstox is a ground-breaking game that shatters the usual football fantasy league paradigm of building a team of 11 players, by creating a cross between fantasy sports and stock trading with unlimited transfers. It’s a 24/7 social football trading game, where you create a portfolio of real football players from Europe’s five biggest leagues (3,000+ players) and trade those players in real time before, during and after games.

Player values are determined by the form of the player in previous matches, 260 data points of on-pitch performance during a match, and the buying and selling activity of other players.

With over 130 million fantasy sports players around the world and mobile gaming in Asia alone worth over $15bn, the sector is growing fast.

The Vibes managing editor Terence Fernandez said, “As the highlight of our Sports & Fitness news this year, we are more than excited to partner with Kickstox by bringing the ultimate football trading game and sharing the passion for football with Malaysian fans.” He added, “We are also in the final stage of deploying the online battles starting from the Liverpool vs Man Utd match on January 17, 2021.”

Kickstox co-founder Victor Swaab said, “We are thrilled to partner with The Vibes. As a new media brand and outlet, we believe The Vibes is the perfect partner for Kickstox to grow our Malaysian audience and that both companies will benefit from the growing fantasy sports market. Kickstox will offer a totally new football gaming experience to the users of The Vibes and we are confident that this newfound relationship will be nothing but fruitful. Game on!”

About The Vibes

The Vibes is one of Malaysia’s hottest and fastest growing online news portals. Launched on September 19, 2020, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, The Vibes features breaking news and the latest stories happening inside and outside of Malaysia daily #FromEverySide.

The Vibes is a platform for the people that is diverse, unbiased and not one-sided. The team strives to empower its audience to express their views and make informed choices with the access to unfettered information.

About Kickstox

Kickstox is a revolutionary platform combining fantasy football and stock trading founded by Amsterdam-based football enthusiasts Juan Lacroix and Victor Swaab. Using real time player data in a social environment, Kickstox wants to enhance the gaming and football experience for fans all around the world. Kickstox allows fans to win amazing prizes with their football knowledge but, maybe even more importantly, show who is the cleverest trader and overall Director of Football! Learn more at

About ResultX Asia

ResultX Asia, or RXA, is a boutique sports and entertainment consultancy started by experienced professionals James White and Julian Jackson, who have expertise across Europe, US and Asia in media content, commercial partnerships and events. RXA advises organisations on how to profitably navigate the sports and entertainment landscape in Asia and beyond, and helps them to find the success ‘X Factor’ which will lead to the results they want. Learn more at

Originally published on SportBusiness.

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