Harassment has no place in sports – report it!

The fight against harassment in sports unites five team sports federations.

Handball, Basketball, Football, Skating and Volleyball come together in the campaign ‘Harassment has no place in sports – Report ‘it which is launched this Thursday, February 9th.

In addition to the video that raises awareness of one of the most despicable phenomena in society and which can also be manifested in sport, the campaign ‘Harassment has no place in sports – Report ‘it will reach all digital platforms and the country’s stadiums and arenas through several initiatives promoted by the five federations.

In the games of the main handball, basketball, football, roller hockey and volleyball competitions, which take place this weekend, athletes, coaches, referees and clubs will join this initiative by promoting the message against harassment.

The presidents of the five federations that joined this project spoke about the campaign:

Miguel Laranjeiro, president of the Handball Federation of Portugal:

“The Handball Federation of Portugal will always be at the forefront in the fight against the various forms of harassment in sport. Sporting activity should always be a space for freedom and personal growth, which does not allow any form of harassment. Report it!”

Manuel Francisco Fernandes, president of the Portuguese Basketball Federation:

“Harassment in sport does not fit into any call. Because sport can only be a dignified activity, enjoyed without constraints, without fear and in safety.”

Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation:

“Harassment cannot have a place in sport. The FPF has adopted policies and procedures aimed at preventing and sanctioning sexual harassment within the scope of federated sports activity. It did so not only by creating regulations, but also by promoting whistleblowing, including anonymous reporting, cooperation with the competent criminal justice bodies and education among sports agents.”

Luís Sénica, president of the Portuguese Skating Federation:

“Sport is one of the most relevant social phenomena today. For this reason, and because of its communicational strength, it is necessary to insist on educational values. It is time for Sport to serve causes and truly work for and for people. This campaign is a positive moment for Sport!”

Vicente Araújo, President of the Portuguese Volleyball Federation:

“It is with total determination, commitment and motivation that the Portuguese Volleyball Federation joins this campaign to prevent sexual harassment in the context of sport. FPV aware that this is not a distant reality and that the recognition of the problem must be transversal to all ages and to all sectors of our society, in which sport is inserted, supports to this initiative, in favor of prevention and fight this issue, in an attempt to guarantee a safe environment for all our athletes and sports agents.”



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