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Portraying the game of soccer through a combination of art and science, the Soren Meibom story…


Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. The game has won the hearts and minds of people across all continents and all cultures. Bridging social, political, and economic barriers, the game is being played in backyards, schoolyards, streets and stadiums by people of all ages and all walks of life.

Professional artist, scientist (astrophysics PhD), and former semi-pro player Soren Meibom, has created a series of mixed media artworks combining his lifelong passions for soccer, science, art, and education to illuminate and communicate the complexity, beauty and drama that drives and maintains the popularity of soccer.



The unique pieces, which are available for purchase at, explores the beautiful game through the lenses of art and science. Soren’s creative process for each SciArt piece includes an extensive research phase and organized collection of scientific knowledge, information, imagery, data, and results, relevant to the message of the artwork and suitable to tell a profound story.

His trilogy on the soccer ball (above), tells the stories of the history of its design and construction, the special case of the classical soccer ball (20 hexagon + 12 pentagon pattern), and of the science behind its many improvements over the past 100 years. Below are examples of some of Soren’s notes from the research and planning phase for the soccer ball trilogy.



The Rivalry (below) depicts this record-breaking battle between the two best attacking players of this century. It “paints” Ronaldo and Messi – in opposition, but holding on to the same ball symbolizing their shared love for the game – using performance data converted into graphs, charts, maps, and tables, and with the trophies they each won. The picture tells the story of their extraordinary careers, individually and in comparison, and is a reminder of how lucky we have been to see them play.










To hear and see Soren in his studio, introducing and describing his Soccer SciArt, watch the short video below.


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