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The largest Soccer industry event is almost here.



Soccerex has been hosting best-in-class football business industry events since 1996. From Wembley Stadium to the Maracana in Rio, we have held 52 events in 22 cities around the world.
























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Europe 2024

May 30th - 31st 2024, Amsterdam
After a wait of nearly 5 years (total) football is coming home when Soccerex, the leading organiser of events for the football business industry, host on European soil for the first time since 2019 at the home of the iconic football club, AFC Ajax.

#Soccerex Announces

a return to Europe in Amsterdam: May 2024 Event to Redefine Football Business on a Global Scale
Soccerex, the premier authority in football business events, proudly announces the upcoming edition of Soccerex Europe, our first in nearly 5 years, to take place in the captivating city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, in May 2024. This heralded event promises to be a beacon of innovation, networking, and football business elevation on an unprecedented global scale.

Amsterdam: A Dynamic Canvas for Soccerex's Triumph

The choice of Amsterdam as the host city reflects Soccerex's commitment to creating an immersive experience that encapsulates the essence of football culture while embracing the cutting-edge developments that define the sport today. Attendees can expect an event that seamlessly integrates Amsterdam's charm with the progressive dynamism of the global football landscape.
For more information on being a part of this event, please contact enquiries@soccerex.com


Soccerex is legendary. It is a collection of incredible minds and people from the industry.

Alexi Lalas

Fox Sports – Former USMNT

Soccerex is a great event, I am very happy to be here again.

Gianni Infantino

FIFA – President

Soccerex brings football together; I know it sounds a little cliché, but generally people meeting each other, businesses with organisations, associations, with clubs; it’s important, football is absolutely huge, the power of football to pull people together around the world and to connect with people is enormous.

Gary Neville

Sky Sports – Former England International

Soccerex is not just a good idea it is necessary, it’s part of the football calendar.

Guillem Ballague

Football Journalist – Author

Soccerex to me is about exchange – an exchange of ideas, an exchange of opportunities.

Jason Roberts

MBE – CONCACAF – Director of Development

For LaLiga, being at Soccerex, it is not only important, it is essential.

Javier Tebas

LaLiga – President

To come here and meet the people and learn the things that I’ve learnt in the sessions, in networking moments, and even in the café, it’s absolutely blown me away.

Amanda Vandervort

USL Super League – President

Any time I get to be surrounded by people who have the same passion for the game that I do, the conversations that teach you and help you grow and learn – that’s why I love it.

Karina La Blanc

Portland Thorns – General Manager

Official Wellness Partner


It is this ethos, implemented for the first time in 1996 and carried since, that has ensured Soccerex kept its position as the number 1 (one) global football business event.


Relaunched in April 2020 to provide the global football industry with unrivalled insight, news, updates and thought leadership.


Produced using our unrivalled 27 years of experience as the leading global organisation in the football business.


Football has changed in the 26 years that we have been involved in the game, especially in the way that information and news is consumed.


In March 2020 the whole world was affected by the COVID19 pandemic, and the events industry was turned upside down.


Our dedicated contract publishing division works with governing bodies, federations, clubs and brands to produce various reports.


Social media management is a full time job, hence why many clubs,associations and brands employ teams of people.

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28 years of Keeping Soccer Connected

Soccerex stands at the forefront of the global football industry, a nexus connecting professionals, fostering innovation, and shaping the future of the beautiful game for over three decades. With an unyielding commitment to excellence and a pulse on the ever-evolving landscape, Soccerex continues to be a dynamic force, bridging generations, and powering the next era of football. Join us, and be part of the movement that defines football’s tomorrow.

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