europe 2024

Times subject to change
Start Stage End Panel Name Descriptions
DAY 1 Studio
Doors Open 8am
9:25 AM Wenen’95 9:30 AM Welcome to Soccerex Europe Welcome remarks from host, what to expect etc…
9:30 AM Wenen’95 9:35 AM Opening Remarks Joe DaGrosa welcomes you all to Soccerex Europe
9:35 AM Wenen’95 9:40 AM Opening Remarks Ajax
9:40 AM Wenen’95 09:50 AM Welcome address KNVB/Sports NL
10:00 AM Wenen’95 10:45 AM Sela Sela Panel
11:00 AM Wenen’95 11:45 AM KNVB panel Keynote
12:00 PM Wenen’95 12:20 PM Keynote Javier Tebas 1-2-1
12:30 PM Wenen’95 12:50 PM Saudi Pro League SPL 1-2-1
1:00 PM Wenen’95 1:45 PM “The next Big Thing” A focus on youth/academy player development
2:00 PM Wenen’95 2:45 PM “Trust the process” How do football executives plan, communicate and execute their vision?
3:00 PM Wenen’95 3:45 PM Kitman Labs Panel Kitman Labs discuss “The football intelligence platform”
4:00 PM Wenen’95 4:45 PM “Special Agents” Are they working FOR the player?
5:00 PM Wenen’95 5:45 PM “Its a small world, after all…” AJAX introduce a stable of global partners
DAY 2 Studio
10:00 AM Wenen’95 10:45 AM “Let’s get engaged!” How do you obtain and retain the modern football fan?
11:00 AM Wenen’95 11:45 AM “Fighting on too many fronts” Are there too many games in the European calender for both the players and the fans?
12:00 PM Wenen’95 12:45 PM KNVB Three innovative companies from the KNVB innovation network: Inmotio, SciSports, VoonSports
1:00 PM Wenen’95 1:45 PM “Disrupt or be disrupted” Juventus Creator Lab content revolution
2:00 PM Wenen’95 2:45 PM “Sell sell sell!” What can football do to ensure that the investment from commercial opportunities continues or increases?
3:00 PM Wenen’95 3:55 PM Fireside chats 1. Generation Amazing | 2. Veridas | 3. Striver
4:00 PM Wenen’95 4:45 PM Epic Global How Rightsholders can attract new global audiences and monetise esports, gaming and Roblox
5:00 PM Wenen’95 5:45 PM