Soccerex has been connecting the global football business community for 25 years, bringing together clients, stake holders, clubs, federations and governing bodies for the good of the game, with our motto being “Take care of the game and the business will take care of itself”.

The vision of 1930 WCCE is to unite researchers, academics, authors, historians, journalists and all who are passionate about the 1930 World Cup to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the inaugural FIFA Soccer Football World Championships, building on that over the next decade when the world will celebrate 100 years of the World Cup -This unique partnership with Soccerex, thus creating Soccerex Heritage, will bring that vision to life!

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The goal is to assemble lovers of football to hear speakers and engage in panel discussions about the World Cup’s history and today’s evolution, covering important, in some cases milestone topics and looking forward to future World Cups.

These aims, hopes and dreams brought together our two organisations to offer something a little different at the next Soccerex Connected that will be hosted in February 2021.

James Brown, Vice President of the Society for American Soccer History (S.A.S.H), and his group of dedicated global partners at 1930 World Cup Conferences & Events, are tasked with putting together some fantastic historical content that will be immediately following the main Soccerex Connected panels, on each of the five days.

He is the grandson of Jim Brown, a 1930 World Cup USMNT forward who played for the NY Giants, Brooklyn Wanderers, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Brentford City and Guildford City in the 1930s.

James’ father George Brown was a 1957 USMNT forward, GASL & ASL All-Star and leading goalscorer, 3-year running champion with German-Hungarians in the 1950’s and 1959 Pan-Am Bronze Medallist in Chicago – George and James are the only Father-Son inductees to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in the Player category! He, and his wife, Margaret, were heavily involved with the original Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, NY. George was on the Board of Directors and interim president, and Margaret (Peggy) was the Archive Manager. Soccer is truly a family affair in the Brown family!

In February 2021, you can enjoy panels featuring wonderful topics such as; The History of Sports Brands, Stadia Evolution, History of the World Cup, Museum’s impact and relevance in Soccer, Player care, Equal Pay for Play – women’s issues and Legacy of the World cup & What’s next – Qatar 2022, etc…!

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