Taking place between 12 to 16 September 2022, this third annual edition welcomes a combination of digital and exclusive, in-person, action-packed thought leadership events that will be amplified globally, via LinkedIn, to maximise accessibility and inclusivity, and encourage global engagement throughout the #SIW2022.

The in-person element is hosted by the municipality of Cascais, at the very heart of the Portuguese Riviera, at the iconic, state-of-the-art Nova School of Business and Economics.

To complement the in-person element throughout #SIW2022, SIGA will stream a series of cutting-edge digital sessions to promote and shine a spotlight on those organisations that are leading the way on Sport Integrity. This Request For Proposal is the chance for leading organisations to promote the work they are doing and place at the top of the global agenda the most pressing priorities they wish to address and move forward.

At #SIW2022 more than 250 global leaders, senior executives, and high-profile speakers from around the globe, representing every sector of the sporting industry, including those from the world of sport, government, business, media and technology, civil society, academia, and youth will come together with over 1000 delegates to champion Sport Integrity.

#SIW2022 provides extraordinary benefits and unique opportunities for everyone interested in Sport Integrity, across multiple interactive stages and a range of offerings that present all involved with extensive stakeholder engagement, career enhancement, capacity building, business development and networking opportunities.

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