Real Madrid has announced the incorporation of Adobe, a brand that is changing the world through digital experiences, as the club’s new official sponsor. Under this relationship, the aims is to provide fans with premium sports-immersive entertainment experiences, connecting them both online and offline using the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Utilising Adobe’s customer data platform, Real Madrid will create real-time fan profiles to better understand how fans engage with the brand, when and through which channel. The club will then be able to create, manage and deliver highly personalised content to connect, engage, excite and drive deeper engagement. Real Madrid will also be able to accelerate the growth of its business by increasing value for sponsors and partners, and helping to open up new revenue streams.

The Real Madrid CTO Michael Sutherland said at the launch event: “Our fans’ experience comes first, making it an easy choice to work with Adobe, the leader in customer experience. The next generation of global fans are creators at heart, and Adobe’s DNA and comprehensive capabilities are letting us realise our vision for a global community who will engage with our expanded digital commerce ecosystem. Adobe helps us balance data and privacy in a way that lets us get to know our fans better through earned trust, and by delivering them the products and services they desire”.

Adobe International president Paul Robson said: “
Using Adobe Experience Cloud, Real Madrid will be able to share personalised fan content in real-time and at scale, accelerating its mission to become a global entertainment brand. By taking the electrifying emotion that fans enjoy in the stadium and translating it into immersive digital experiences, the club will be able to build even closer connections with its worldwide fanbase

Experience in the stadium and at home
Digitally, Adobe and Real Madrid are taking the Santiago Bernabéu to a global audience using an expanded ecosystem of online experiences, products and services. The stadium will be transformed into a virtual destination accessible to millions of fans. From their home, they will enjoy a more personal relationship with Real Madrid, becoming closer to the club than ever before, enabling immersive digital experiences across platforms, channels and devices.

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