The team at Melbourne Victory will benefit from Coach Paint’s broadcast-quality video outputs. This will empower the analytics department to be able to present tactical feedback via clear, engaging video analysis.

Already recognized as one of the most forward-thinking sporting organizations in Australia, the club’s football department are intent on improving all aspects of their match planning. Coach Paint is seen as the ideal tool to help the club to continue to blaze a trail in their approach.

Melbourne Victory’s Director of Football, John Didulica, commented:

“TRACAB’s Coach Paint is a world-class tool in advancing the tactical education of our players, an increasing area of importance to all clubs. We want our coaches to spend more time on the pitch coaching, rather than in the classroom, so the time we spend in front of a screen needs to be maximized and slick”.

He added:

“TRACAB’s Coach Paint is an incredibly engaging tool. It has AI supported automated player tracking, 3D graphics and an ability for our coaches to customize our approach”.

Craig Innes, TRACAB’s EMEA Sales Director summed up the partnership by adding; “Melbourne Victory is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative clubs in Australia. They understand the importance of an interactive approach when providing feedback to players. Now with Coach Paint on board, the analysts and coaching teams can take their video analysis and squad presentations to the next level”

Everyone here at TRACAB is really looking forward to how the club implements Coach Paint into its sessions and team meetings. The platform can empower coaches and analysts across any sport.

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