LaLiga has won the International Creativity Award at this year’s Sports Industry Awards for its unique ElClásico campaign, which engaged thousands of fans in-person as well as millions of fans online. A new category on the SIA roster, the International Creativity Award is presented to those setting new creative standards and challenging the way the industry thinks.

The objective of the campaign was to bring global fans as close as possible to its competition, helping them to discover its clubs and increase the value of its international media rights. Constricted by the pandemic, LaLiga took a versatile approach to create a hyper-active week promoting the fixture.

The key to success lay in the diversity of activations across key markets; LaLiga held large-scale events in Asia, constructed drive-thru cinemas in South America and deployed innovative tech solutions across Europe to bring fans closer to the action. The set-piece activation took place in seven key markets including London whereby red carpets were installed outside key landmarks creating unique photo opportunities.

These events were attended by a total of more than 1.3 million fans with online content generated tens of millions of views and over 7 million interactions.

LaLiga continuously strive to promote the league abroad and have precedent for innovation on a global scale. LaLiga is a global entertainment product and engaging fans on a global scale is a key part of that. By doing so they help drive commercial opportunities as well as provide fans the opportunity to develop their relationship with the league.

Discussing the accolade, Octavi Anoro, Head of LaLiga Global Network International Development, said, “At LaLiga we place huge importance in promoting the league on a global scale. We recognise that we have a large, diverse, worldwide fanbase and we see it is as our duty to provide an experience that brings fans closer to the competition.

“We employ a unique system of international offices and delegates which allows us to create bespoke activations that maximise the varied opportunities that each market offers.

“In a difficult year for the sports industry, this marked LaLiga’s biggest ElClásico activation ever and showed the power of sports to bring people together even during a pandemic.”

LaLiga was shortlisted for the award alongside AC Milan & Roc Nation, ATP Tour, Chelsea FC, ITF and Juventus FC. This award was presented in association with

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