LaLiga and Ghetto Games, the biggest street football movement in Latvia, have signed a new partnership under which they will work together to promote and raise awareness of football and sport all over Europe. With this agreement, LaLiga participates as a football partner in one of the year’s grandest events of street football in Europe, “Ghetto Football Euro League 2022”.

Both organizations present the edition eleven of the whole movement and the first international season, a 3v3 tournament that will be played in eleven countries of Europe with thousands of talented street footballers, from April to the Grand Final on June 8th in Riga.

The alliance to work together in the development of football in Europe

The Latvian sports organization accumulates 11 years of experience with 150+ street football tournaments, including international championships. Every year there is a season of regular tournaments at the end of which the best teams in various age groups are determined in Superfinals. Every tournament is collaborative effort with local partners such as DaMove and The Spot in Italy, Rafael Spajic in Croatia, Cageball in Hungary, Lukas Skoda (WFFA) in Czech Republic, M10 and FEFA in Belgium, StreetKings in Netherlands, Pannahouse in Denmark, Panna Match BLN and Streetsoccerbln/Outreach in Germany, Alternative Soccer in Poland and Ghetto Games Lithuania/Streets in Lithuania.

“Ghetto Football Euro League 2022” main objective is to promote sports for young people with clear values: love, friendship, health, respect, purposefulness, and respect.

Jose Carlos Loaiza, LaLiga’s delegate in the Baltic Countries, highlighted the importance of signing this agreement: “This agreement will allow us to strengthen our involvement in the development of football and youth. Ghetto Games is an amazing association working in multiple projects and in social development though sports and health habits”.

Antons Semenaks, Ghetto Football Leader, Organizer, said, “Happy to have LaLiga aboard in this project, it’s a football giant with almost 100 years of experience and it’s a pleasure to see they are interested in street sports. Hope to see soon a lot of street players in major league like LaLiga. Maybe this collaboration is a big start for that.”

Eleven unique tournaments will be played in eleven countries

From April to June, eleven unique tournaments will be played in eleven countries, with thousands of talented street footballers, in a 3v3 matches.

16th April – ROME

22nd April – DAKOVO

24th April – BUDAPEST

30th April – PRAGUE

04th May – BRUSSELS

07th May – AMSTERDAM


14th May – BERLIN

18th May – WARSAW

21st May – VILNIUS

08th June – RIGA

You can find all the information regarding “Ghetto Football Euro League 2022” on this website

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