It comprises a multi-disciplinary complex covering 42,000 m2 at the forefront of sports development in Spain, thanks to a long-term agreement by LaLiga and the NBA with T3N Sport & Investment, a consulting firm specialising in investment, training and sports development, for the creation of similar complexes in Spain.

ESC Madrid will have football pitches, a basketball court, a high-performance gym, swimming pool, dining room, games rooms, library and residential facilities for 450 athletes, among other amenities.

Furthermore, it will have an international school and training classrooms where secondary, international and American baccalaureate, and postgraduate courses will be taught. Part of the LaLiga Business School will also be moved there and it will act as the headquarters of the country’s first NBA Basketball School – the basketball development programme with enrolment open to boys and girls aged between 6 and 18 years.

ESC Madrid will be located in Villaviciosa de Odon, in the El Bosque development just 20 minutes from the centre of Madrid, where the presentation was held today with the presence of Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga; Oscar Mayo, executive director of LaLiga; Chus Bueno, vice-president of basketball operations and head of Spain for NBA EMEA; Kiyomi Cerezo, CEO of T3N Sport & Investment; and David Pampliega, partner and general manager of T3N Sport & Investment.

“At LaLiga we firmly believe in the importance of training in sport, both technical and educational. This project, in partnership with the NBA and T3N Sports & Investment, will strengthen this commitment that we embarked on with our sports schools and the LaLiga Business School, among other projects, and which will have a new space for their development at ESC Madrid,” assured the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas.

“We’re very excited and keen to begin our activity at ESC Madrid, and we’re delighted to be sharing space and generating synergies with LaLiga. Creating spaces such as the future NBA School where we can make basketball grow with grassroots training and where local talent can develop under the best possible conditions is fundamental for the NBA,” said Chus Bueno, vice-president of basketball operations and head of Spain at NBA EMEA.

“This is a special project, a strategic alliance with LaLiga and the NBA that will turn these complexes into a global benchmark for sport and education, building a global platform that generates synergies and opportunities for young people from around the world,” added Kiyomi Cerezo, the CEO of T3N Sport & Investment.

ESC Madrid aims to become a ground-breaking model for the sports sector in the country, capable of hosting all types of sporting and training projects – both national and international – in a single space. Furthermore, it will facilitate the generation of joint opportunities in sports and training projects, branding actions, commercial strategies and all manner of events.

As well as for clubs and partners, the project will also be made available to the entire sports and education industry to offer a 360-degree service, where education, sport and co-living are integrated into a single complex. In addition, it will serve as a technology hub for all companies from the innovation industry for the development of projects to improve sporting performance.

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