e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group), one of the world’s leading technology and investment
conglomerates and Manchester City’s Official Telecommunications Partner, has today announced a
partnership with City Football Schools (CFS) to support the Talented Player Programme (TPP).
Launched in 2019, the programme provides a platform for young footballers aged 11-16 across Abu
Dhabi and Dubai to fulfil their potential under the guidance of expert coaches from City Football
Schools. The TPP has seen over 50 players transition through the programme in the last three years
and develop into elite environments.

With the support of e&, and through a combination of advanced coaching techniques and competitive
matches both locally and internationally, the programme gives the young players multiple
opportunities to develop their talent as well as travel and train at CFG clubs around the world.
e& is working closely with Manchester City to contribute to the development of the next generation
of sports athletes to become successful sports stars of tomorrow. By partnering with Manchester City
Football Schools and the TPP, this will take the country to an international level as the programme
seeks to maximise the potential of talented players. TPP is the right platform for the immense young
sports talent that is seen in UAE, giving players access to expert coaches as well as global opportunities
that will see them thrive.

Simon Hewitt, Senior Manager Football Education MENA, said: “Since the Manchester City Football
School launched in 2011 in Abu Dhabi, it has seen over 10,000 players take part in around 50,000
sessions and the Talented Player Programme has been a hugely successful part of our delivery in the
UAE. Through the programme, players have signed for professional academies in the UAE, UK, Italy,
Spain and Egypt, including one player at our very own Manchester City.“We are excited that this platform opens new horizons for players to excel and with the support of e&, we are confident that we will see more success stories in the years to come.”

e& has been the Official Telecommunications Partner of Manchester City since 2009, with the
agreement recently extended for a sixth term. The support of the Talented Player Programme is the
latest activity between the two organisations throughout the duration of the partnership, which has
spanned various areas of the club’s offerings, including Manchester City’s men’s and women’s teams,
esports, content and digital.

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