Caledonian Braves : The Wee Scottish Club with a Global Ownership Community

In the heart of Scotland, a fan ownership revolution is underway, being led by liked minded individuals in all four corners of the world. The Caledonian Braves have shattered expectations by raising over $500,000 on American platform Wefunder,  pioneering Scotland’s most diverse fan ownership model along the way.

This journey began in July 2023, when the Braves launched a program inviting people to become a stakeholder in the club with a minimum investment of $100. The mantra was simple: no longer reserved for wealthy tycoons or Hollywood stars, owning a football club was in the reach for everyday supporters. And last week, the club welcomed their 1000th owner to the club.

Scottish football is steeped in a rich history, dating back over 150-years. Whilst the quality hasn’t always been the best, the heart, the passion and commitment is unique to the football daft nation. The Caledonian Braves may be the youngest senior club in Scotland, but they’re here to disrupt and make waves.

Club founder, Chris Ewing, said: “A community club, most people would think, is a local community bound by a certain geography,” says Ewing.

“But I think that today when we have internet, we have social media, we have an app as well that promotes fan engagement, I feel like a community can be just shared ideals and shared values, and it can be global.”

After being the first side in Scottish history to earn promotion from the 6th tier of Scottish football in 2017, the club are aiming to rise through the ranks and make a name for themselves. But their ambitions extend beyond the pitch. They’re on a mission to showcase Scotland as premier destination, by celebrating the rich culture and heritage of the nation.

One of the Braves’ weapons to capture attention off the pitch is their savvy social media presence. Most notably, a TikTok video where two American owners came to visit the club went viral last year, racking up 1.4 million views. The duo took in a game, tried some local delicacies, and took in the sights of Edinburgh. With live streaming of games and a unique app, the Braves know how to capture attention, on and off the pitch.

This presence has caused a splash the other side of the pond, with American’s making up over 70% of the club’s ownership which spans into over 30 countries. From Scotland to the USA and beyond, fans from diverse backgrounds are uniting behind the Braves.

Speaking of the USA, the Braves are now represented in all 50 states and have garnered support from a wide range of big names. Representatives from the NBA, NFL and US Women’s National team have already joined the ownership ranks. And it doesn’t stop there – personnel from NASA having joined and even the White House Chief of Staff is backing the Braves.

Ewing encapsulates the Braves’ vision perfectly: “Our club was formed with a clear vision and belief of football being owned by the fans; of football clubs as community assets that improve the lives of those who support them. Not only are we creating a global ownership community, we are also giving fans a voice. We are creating a true football democracy where every owner has an equal voice and an equal vote.”

With the 2024/25 season looming, the Braves are on the hunt for new partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships to fuel their journey. And they’re not just looking within Scotland’s borders; they’re casting their net far and wide, eager to connect with every corner of the globe. And there still time to become an owner yourself and join the revolution!

So, make sure you remember the name. Caledonian Braves FC aren’t just a provincial Lowland League club but a movement. Each owner who enters the club are making strides to reshape the future of Scottish football.