100% fan-owned, Ireland’s oldest football club, Bohemian FC, pay tribute to Bob’s last ever outdoor concert, which took place in the club’s stadium, Dalymount Park, on July 6th, 1980. Bringing together two of people’s greatest loves, music and sport, the one-off jersey pays homage to ‘An Afternoon in the Park’, the famed Marley Dalymount concert, in its design. Featuring red, yellow and green details on the front, as well as the rear neck and sleeve trims, and an embroidered hem tag of the original concert ticket on the lower front – the exclusive shirt is available for pre-order now at marley-bohemianfc.com.

Ten percent (10%) of the profits from the shirt will be used by Bohemian Football Club to purchase musical instruments and football equipment to provide to people in Asylum Centres across Ireland. This will be done in conjunction with club partners ‘Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland’ (MASI). Promoted and booked by the legendary, Pat Egan, it is reported that on the night of the famous concert, Bob affirmed his solidarity with Ireland from the stage. Correspondence from the weeks before the event state that ‘Bob Marley is very concerned over the ticket prices….he does not want them to be too high’. This resulted in a reduction in pricing prior to the concert being confirmed.

Daniel Lambert, Bohemian FC, COO: “It brings me enormous joy to unveil this jersey today following years of work on the idea. The Marley concert at Dalymount is one of Ireland’s truly special musical events, his only ever Irish show and, sadly, his last ever outdoor one. His love of football is widely known to all, and that he played on our famous pitch before the concert, the same turf that some of the world’s best players have graced such as Pele, Best and Zidane is amazing.”

Pat Egan, 1980 Concert Booker/Promoter: “I think this is a brilliant thing in terms of the memories of the day, the first major worldwide star to play an open air gig in Ireland. It will be an iconic shirt and help keep the Marley legend alive and well on our island. The day itself, to see him on stage in the stadium, with the huge church steeple in the background was out of this world.” Lucky Khambule, MASI Representative: “We at the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland are delighted to be part of this project with Bohemian FC. People in the Asylum system face many difficulties and being able to enjoy sport and music can truly brighten up days for adults and children alike.”

10% profits to assist asylum seekers in Ireland Bohemian FC has worked with the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI) for many years, bringing people in the asylum system to our games and assisting MASI in various initiatives to improve the lives of those who are new to Ireland. We will work alongside MASI, using 10% of shirt profits, to purchase musical instruments and football equipment to be delivered to asylum centres around the country.

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