Kerzner, owner of the iconic Atlantis Resort & Residences and ultra-luxury One&Only Resorts worldwide, launched SIRO earlier this year. A ground-breaking immersive hospitality experience, SIRO will serve elite and aspiring athletes alike, as well as those who are passionate about driving achievement in every aspect of their life, in a compelling, comprehensive destination. SIRO blends the boundaries between hospitality, fitness, and wellness, building a thriving eco-system with a fresh perspective and energizing experiences. Similar to AC Milan’s devoted Rossoneri following, SIRO aims to create a collective global community of like-minded individuals who live a high-performance lifestyle and are passionate about driving achievement and living their fullest potential.

The new partnership between AC Milan and SIRO represents the union of two leaders in their respective industries, who share their innovative nature and seek elite performance and excellence. Together, AC Milan and SIRO will drive the long-term vision to deliver the ultimate immersive lifestyle and fitness destination.

AC Milan prides itself on being one of the most innovative clubs in the football industry, with a distinctive and recognisable style and a focus on on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch performance. SIRO is the product of Kerzner’s pioneering spirit, revolutionizing the guest experience, whilst anticipating travellers’ needs and inviting them to “Live the Journey”. The brand is built around the pillars of strength, inclusivity, reflection and originality with fitness and wellbeing at the core.

The two brands will leverage each other’s platform and expertise and knowledge across human performance and best in class hospitality, forging a shared path that will lead AC Milan and SIRO to an exciting future together, one that will push the boundaries in holistic wellness.

Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan, said, “We are truly proud to kick off this new partnership with SIRO and start this exciting journey together. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce the SIRO brand to our over 500 million fans across the globe. As an innovative Club, we want to continue to set high standards both on and off the pitch, something that we know SIRO and Kerzner International are succeeding in their respective sector for the benefit of their community and guests. Over the next few years, we will work together to continue to raise those standards even higher.”

“AC Milan is an innovative Club who are global leaders in health and wellness, the perfect partner for SIRO. With the benefit of their expert research, training and pre-eminent performance, SIRO will deliver exceptional fitness and wellness for our guests, delivered with our renowned service in a transformative and nurturing environment. We are proud to introduce the new legacy of Kerzner and AC Milan”, commented Philippe Zuber, CEO, Kerzner International. “At SIRO, we want to partner with global leaders, whether that be in the investment community or in sport, fitness, nutrition or holistic health to provide a comprehensive environment for success. As an athlete is nimble and agile, SIRO will adapt to the local surrounds, celebrating each destination, providing our guests the tools and support to compete at the highest level, complete with a sports concierge to provide exclusive access or expert training”.

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