The partnership is designed to support Wolves’ ambition of becoming industry leaders in environmental sustainability and will include the development of a club-wide strategy.

Staff workshops will also be set up to discuss the relationship between football and climate change, as well as the role Wolves can play in mobilising a response to climate change. Wolves will also carry out a comprehensive review of its environmental footprint and current performance, while fans will be engaged to discuss the impacts of climate change.

The partnership has been formed after the Wolves 1877 Trust submitted and passed a motion asking for a greater focus to be placed on sustainability and net zero carbon emissions.

Steve Sutton, Wolves’ facilities, safety and security director, said: “We are delighted to embark upon this project, building upon the many positive steps already undertaken in relation to energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling. We look forward to establishing a club-wide sustainability strategy, developing our understanding and improving our environmental performance to position Wolves as an industry leader, engaging with fans and stakeholders on this very important issue.”

Thom Rawson, Football for Future’s head of sustainability and project lead, added: “Wolves have shown real commitment to sustainability by engaging in this trailblazing partnership. We look forward to fostering culture change and positive attitudes towards environmental sustainability at the club as part of this project.”

Earlier this month, Football for Future called for climate change issues to form part of the fan-led review into the governance of the sport. It came after the UK government backed proposals to form an independent regulator in English football.

Football for Future pointed out that the fan-led review does not make any reference to environmental sustainability or climate change. The group, along with other organisations working in English football, is asking the government to build climate change issues into the review.

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