Udinese Calcio officially opened its new Stadio Friuli in 2016, sponsored by Dacia. The modern, multifunctional structure was designed not only for fans, but also for businesses and families.

Construction work began in June 2014 and the first match was held in January 2016, in front of a full house and bearing a new name – a first in Italian football the home of a Serie A football club taking on the name of its sponsor.

Since then, the link between Udinese Calcio and Dacia, a partnership which began in 2009, has gone from strength to strength, and there have been countless opportunities for the football club and the car brand to show the greatness of their collaboration.

Five years on, the Dacia Arena is hosting the presentation of Dacia’s new brand identity to the Italian public.

Unveiled in June, to coincide with the digital reveal of the new Dacia Duster facelift, the first physical realisation of the new brand identity was then presented in Italy in July, to coincide with the unveiling of Udinese’s new away shirt, followed by the presentation of the home shirt in August on social media and digital platforms.

Thanks to the dynamic and decisive approach that sets Dacia and Udinese Calcio apart from the rest, Dacia’s new brand identity will be revealed for the first time in Italy and Europe at the Dacia Arena, thrusting the location into the world spotlight.

The logo, which is the fundamental element of its new visual identity, inspires strength and stability from the very first glance and is a clear nod the strength of the bond between Dacia and Udinese Calcio.

The simple yet precise emblem links the letters D and C, two separate components that connect and form perfect symmetry to create a link in a chain, symbolising solidarity and strong bonds. The graphic design is deliberately minimalist, to remind us that Dacia is a brand that focuses on purely what’s essential.

The new brand identity is also reflected in the colours (Khaki Green, Terracotta, Sand, Orange and Brilliant Green), a nod to the outdoor world that surrounds us, an important reference point for Dacia customers and where the brand’s vehicles such as the iconic Duster make full use of their capabilities.

“I would like to thank Dacia and the Renault Group for giving us the opportunity to express our passion alongside them,” commented Magda Pozzo.

“We are honoured to have been chosen for this great event, the first of which since the pandemic began. Finally, we are moving back towards normality, including the business world. This sends out a strong and optimistic message to Udine, Friuli and Italy.

Dacia’s support over time has helped to give us the awareness of our strength and the confidence to build an amazing stadium like the Dacia Arena. Ethical relationships, respect for people, due care to the environment, an attitude to innovate: there are many characteristics and values that we have in common. We are committed to them together, today and in the future.”

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