In 2015, FIFA deregulated football agents, abolishing the need for an exam that was previously required to be licensed. The webinar, taking place on Friday 25th June at 2pm BST, addresses the fact that although a license may no longer be necessary, in order to be successful you will still need knowledge to back up a new career choice as an agent.

This is where the John Viola Academy comes in. Hosted by some of the biggest players in the agency game with a combined 40+ years of experience in the business, the webinar will teach you how to identify and recruit talented players, how to successfully deal with clubs and how to operate internationally in the modern football market amongst much more.

The webinar is designed to be the starting point for anyone looking to a new career in football agency and is the first of many joint projects that will be hosted by the Soccerex & John Viola Academy team in the future.

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