The Fold collaborates with Manchester City to launch new Fold
Woman series, Preparation is Everything

● The campaign aims to empower women from different walks of life and help them
prepare for success.
● The new Fold Woman series lineup includes Manchester City Women’s players
Alex Greenwood, Deyna Castellanos and Laura Coombs alongside Chief
Marketing and Fan Experience Officer, Nuria Tarre and former player and current
Project Manager, Karen Bardsley.

The Fold and Manchester City Women’s Football Club have today announced the launch of a new campaignPreparation is Everything – aiming to boost young professionals’ self-confidence and help them prepare for career success.

Part of The Fold’s iconic Fold Woman series, which features a diverse cross-section of inspiring women from different backgrounds and industries, the new campaign spotlights five groundbreaking Manchester City Women and shares their phenomenal stories.

First launched eight years ago, The Fold has shared the career journeys of hundreds of remarkable and multifaceted women, including their successes, setbacks, style and career advice.

Manchester City Women’s players Alex Greenwood, Deyna Castellanos and Laura Coombs feature in the latest campaign, alongside Chief Marketing and Fan Experience Officer of City Football Group, Nuria Tarré, MBA and former England and Manchester City goalkeeper and current Project Officer at Manchester City, Karen Bardsley.

These five remarkable women revealed the practical things they do to prepare for an important match or big moment. From journaling to listening to music, they shared details on what helps them focus and get into the right mindset, as well as how dressing well has a positive influence on their mood and confidence.

Manchester City Forward, Deyna Castellanos said:

‘Dressing up gives me more confidence. It lifts my energy and my mood. It makes my day
better, for sure.’

This is the latest activity that is part of The Fold’s partnership with Manchester City Women which officially launched in November 2022. The luxury workwear brand will continue to provide the team’s players and professionals with access to a selection of quality tailoring for another season, including the bestselling Clever Crepe performance suits for when the players need to
perform and feel their best.

Speaking about the campaign, founder & CEO of The Fold, Polly McMaster said:

‘I believe preparation is key to all success and it’s important that we all invest time in preparing for those big moments that matter to us. The Fold is delighted to spotlight these incredible women, in roles both on and off the pitch, in this latest campaign. It’s admirable how much time the players spend mentally and physically preparing for a game.

I’ve watched them train for matches and witnessed the pure determination, hard work and passion they display during those sessions. These professional athletes are reaching the highest level of their sport and representing their countries and it’s truly inspiring how they prepare to win.’

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