We are excited to start our partnership with The FBA as part of our commitment to innovation. By sharing knowledge and welcoming new ideas, the RBFA will be able to enhance internal resources in all possible domains, while providing up and coming football business talent with valuable learning opportunities.”

– Manu Leroy, Marketing & Communications Director, RBFA

It’s a pleasure to welcome the Royal Belgian FA into The FBA Family and even more so as we kick-off a men’s World Cup and women’s European Championship year. Both on and off the pitch, the RBFA has been making strides towards innovation and the RBFA Knowledge Centre is the embodiment of that objective. We are looking forward to help advance numerous areas of the FA and on a personal note, having grown up in Belgium, I am eager to see the fruits of our partnership benefit the development of the country’s football ecosystem and its impact internationally.”

– Kristian Dobrev, Chief Partnerships Officer, The FBA

The Football Business Academy is delighted to officialize its partnership with the Royal Belgian Football Association, the first national football association to join in its mission.

As the country’s largest sport federation, the RBFA constitutes the official representation of football in Belgium. It is among the world’s oldest national football associations and was a founding member of both FIFA in 1904 and of UEFA in 1954. The RBFA organizes both from an administrative as from a sports perspective Belgian football and is in this capacity also responsible for the National teams – the Belgian Red Devils and the Red Flames being its main ambassadors. Its statutory mission and goal are to promote football in all its forms and to develop initiatives to sensitize its affiliates, members, and the public for the values of the RBFA such as fair-play, non-discrimination, and respect.

Through the RBFA Knowledge Centre, the federation has been seeking to amplify its knowledge sharing and education activities by collaborating with various academic and educational entities. This is turn provides valuable resources and perspectives to the different departments, which include sports, legal, competitions, marketing, referees, operations, finance, human resources, and the digital office.

Using their wide variety in skills and interests, as well as their academic and professional backgrounds, FBA Candidates will be able to support the RBFA by doing internships and Student Business Projects across relevant departments. The high-level education FBA Candidates receive during the Professional Master in Football Business prepare them to add value during these experiences, thereby benefiting the corresponding FBA Partner.

To kick-off this partnership, the RBFA has sanctioned a Student Business Project where 4 FBA Candidates will rethink the federation’s e-commerce business and propose new ideas and solutions.

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