Established in 2009, Sportskeeda is India’s biggest multi-sport content platform that covers the world’s biggest football and sports trends to serve over 100 million fans every month. Working with the DFL, Sportskeeda will provide football fans with all the latest news, stats and information regarding their favourite Bundesliga club.

Sportskeeda has also launched “The Bundesliga Show”, a regular short-form piece for its digital site and social media channels, which reviews the previous matchday, previews the upcoming fixtures, and highlights the biggest stories from around the league.

Sportskeeda is the latest content partner to join the growing community of new-format creators, whose aim is to educate, inform and engage through innovative social and digital media storytelling, and ultimately drive viewership to local broadcasters. Partners produce a wide range of incredible content, from short-form video for Instagram and TikTok, to eye-catching graphics that highlight the league’s leading players, coaches and teams.

The Bundesliga has been working with content partners for a number of seasons, and currently utilises a network of 18 outlets, strategically placed around the world, working with leading, globally recognised creative talents across the sports industry. Together in cooperation with both league and clubs, content partners are able to present the most exciting narratives from the German top flight and deliver them in a localised context that reaches regional audiences around the world. Every season, posts from content partners reach nearly 2 billion unique users, with engagement close to 500m across social and digital sites.

DFL Vice President of Marketing Peer Naubert said: “Using a network of multifaceted content partners is a key pillar of our marketing strategy and allows us to reach a new audience, where they can speak in a different way to traditional broadcasters but support in our goal to further increase viewership. As the fastest growing league in terms of interest and engagement, it is so important for us to continue to engage with younger fans, connecting with them at their level, communicating in an entirely new but much more effective way.”

Sportskeeda COO Ajay Pratap Singh said: “At Sportskeeda we’re always pushing to put our best foot forward for the fans. Having Bundesliga partner with us is something we are very excited about. After collaborating with the likes of footballing legends, commentators and insiders, this partnership with Bundesliga is the next step in our endeavour to provide engaging, fresh, and exclusive content to all our fans.”

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