Soccerex Team Embarks on Virtual Walk from London to Amsterdam to Support Sands – Baby Loss Charity

London, UK – February 22, 2024 – The Soccerex team is proud to announce their latest initiative in support of Sands – the baby loss charity. In a bid to raise funds and awareness for this vital cause, the Soccerex team will embark on a virtual walk spanning over 300 miles from London to Amsterdam.

Sands is a remarkable charity dedicated to supporting families dealing with the devastating loss of a child. Their invaluable work provides much-needed comfort and guidance to families during their most difficult times.

To contribute to this cause, donations can be made via the following link:

This initiative builds upon the longstanding partnership between Soccerex and Sands United FC Brighton & Hove, a football club established with similar motivations. Since their collaboration in 2020, Soccerex and Sands United FC Brighton & Hove have been united in their mission to support families affected by baby loss.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Sands and support their incredible efforts,” said Jon Goodwin from Soccerex. “By virtually walking from London to Amsterdam, we hope to not only raise vital funds but also shine a light on the important work Sands does for families across the UK.”

As part of their fundraising efforts, Soccerex aims to welcome Sands United FC Brighton & Hove to Europe in May. The goal is to present them with the much-needed funds that the global football community has helped raise.