Geneva, 31 January 2022

The SIGA General Assembly has just ratified, by unanimity and acclamation, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros’ election for a new term as Global CEO of the Sport Integrity Global Alliance. With today’s deliberation, SIGA’s supreme internal organ confirms the Council unanimous vote, thus concluding the electoral process of its highest ranked executive.

During the same meeting, which was held digitally due to health restrictions caused by the pandemic crisis, the General Assembly has also approved the Alliance’s 2021 financial statement, independent auditors’ report, as well as the 2022 budget and global strategy to be implemented during the cycle 2022/2026.

The highly attended meeting also enabled the SIGA members to be updated on the progress made on multiple areas, including but not limited to the development of SIGA’s Universal Standards on Youth Development & Protection in Sport, the implementation of SIRVS, the 2022 priorities to be pursued by SIGA AMERICA and SIGA EUROPE & Others) and several thought leadership projects and events that will be carried out over the course of the current year.

Commenting on the General Assembly’s ratification of his re-election as SIGA’s Global CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros stated:

“I am honoured to accept the leadership and responsibility which the SIGA General Assembly have entrusted me with. I am grateful to each and every member for their relentless support. I will seek, as I have always sought, to justify this extraordinary democratic expression of confidence by devoting all my energy to build a stronger SIGA and deliver our global reform agenda. This is what the SIGA members deserve, Sport needs and my nature impels me to.”

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