Portugal has around 20 million strong fans in China and the Portuguese Football Federation will continue to reinforce the connection of the team and players by continuing to inspire fans with new experiences and exclusive content, especially now on the road to the Euro 2020, a competition which Portugal enters as the defending champion.

The Portuguese Football Federation understands that, by supporting the sports industry and following its unique style of social media communication, Weibo will provide the opportunity to maximize reach and communication with millions of current and new Portugal fans in China.

Being an innovation and digital led federation, Portuguese Football Federation will leverage the Weibo platform to deliver exclusive original content, tailor-made for Portugal fans in China.

Nuno Moura, Portugal´s Football Federation CMO, said:

“Portugal and China have a historical connection dating back to the 16th century that, in addition to trade, allowed for the mutual exchange of knowledge in a diversity of areas as well as artistic and cultural influences. We are absolutely committed to following this path, now also through football. We hope that our team can inspire a new generation of young Chinese footballers to reach their full potential and continue to delight our millions of fans in China who, despite the distance, are constantly showing their support which our players value so deeply. With the strategic collaboration with Weibo in China, we will be able to be even closer to our fans and provide premium and original content and experiences, custom-made specifically to them. We are extremely grateful to these fans for their continued support to Team Portugal, and with the Euros coming up this summer we hope to see them once again proudly wearing our colors. It means a lot to the team.”

Zhan Sheng, General Manager of Sina Sports, added:
“We are so happy that Weibo has reached a strategic cooperation with the Portuguese National Team, which is also the first national football team to achieve a strategic cooperation with Weibo. In the future, the two parties will carry out more in-depth cooperation in content distribution, event operation and commercial development. Weibo will collaborate actively with the Portuguese Team to expand the volume of online communication and accumulate social media assets. Weibo will work with the Portuguese team to develop the official fan community and super topic to create a new ‘online home stadium’ for fans to watch football. We sincerely give our best wishes to Portuguese Team, hoping they can achieve great success in the European Football Championship and win more fans’ love on Weibo.”

Portugal currently has over three million followers on Weibo and are the fastest-growing football federation with highest levels of engagement on Weibo in China. With monthly page views over 10 million and thousands of interactions, Portugal Team is one of the hottest football team in China, catching the eyes of widely users on Weibo by vivid and attractive contents.

Portugal Team´s followers keep on increasing on an average of 30.000 users per month, which is the top number one team among national football teams on Weibo. Topics #TodosPortugal and #TeamPortugal have over 50 million views and discussions, which shows the solid Portugal’s influence and fan base on Weibo.

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