OnePlan is revolutionising event and venue planning. Its collaborative, real-time platform has already supported over 1,500 events worldwide, and is used by teams from the Premier League, NBA, MLB and other major sports organizations. And OnePlan is now available as a fully interactive 3D platform, enabling sports clubs to create a 3D digital ‘venue twin’ of any stadium or arena in the world.

In a 3D venue twin, users can place and move any item – infrastructure, staff, fencing, signs, sponsor branding and more – to position and visualise exactly how it will look in real-life. The technology allows for this to happen independently on different floor levels of a venue – a technological innovation – meaning operational plans can take into account different scenarios throughout the venue.

Scenario planning is a key feature. OnePlan’s collaborative 3D platform also allows planners to change between day and night, defining how lighting will look; in rain or sun; as well as plan for flooding, evacuation and other event scenarios. This is all done in real-time, enabling teams, partners and suppliers the instant ability to view and update any element of the plan.

It’s easy to run customer walk-throughs in this immersive ‘venue twin’ – moving to and from any position within the stadium – meaning all stakeholders can have an excellent understanding of exactly how the venue will look for match-day and events.

OnePlan is currently creating three major international stadiums as venue twins, unlocking substantial time and money savings for these customers.

There are commercial opportunities too for sports clubs to take advantage of with their ‘venue twin’. They can provide a Seat View to give fans and season ticket buyers personalised content of the experience they’ll have at the stadium. International fans could also experience a virtual tour of the stadium, without needing to be there in person. For sponsors, there is a Suite View that enables a fully interactive way to plan the best possible client hospitality experience. And the interactive 3D experience extends to retail, where anyone can buy from a club store, browsing and selecting products just as in real-life.

OnePlan is supporting major sports teams including Arsenal, Chelsea, Wolves and the Brooklyn Nets, in how they welcome back fans. Their Seating Assessment provides a clear guide for how clubs can optimise safety and revenue, as fans return to stadiums. Their seating assessment model calculates a venue’s safest adjusted seating capacity using seat size and arrangement, access in and out of rows, ticket-buying patterns, and more. The model can be continually adjusted to take account of actual ticket sales, to ensure clubs optimise the seating capacity in light of the latest social distancing guidelines.

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