NJ Teamsterz FC and LITH Token collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind tangible non-transferrable token (NFT) that can only be obtained at the 35th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party 2022 on February 12 at Sony Pictures Studio in Los Angeles, California. The unique concept will be used to market the club and to promote fan engagement. “We’re excited to launch our first working product with our proprietary version of a physical NFT, by giving it away at the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party,” said Adam Roorda, the Blockchain Architect for LITH Token, “and there’s no better partner to do it with than Sibrena and Alex.”

The exclusive NJ Teamsterz FC NFT minted by LITH Token will debut at super-agent Leigh Steinberg’s 35th Annual Super Bowl Party, as the invite-only guests will have the opportunity to win the 1st ever NJ Teamsterz FC NFT by using the QR code at selected tabletops sponsored by NJ Teamsterz FC, supported in part by a grant from NJ Department of State, Division of Travel & Tourism.

NJ Teamsterz FC’s Founder & Sports Agent Alexsi Geraldino is an alumnus of Leigh Steinberg Sports Academy. Geraldino is a former NFL’s EFL-Cornerback and earned a championship ring at Frankfurt Galaxy and briefly played for Graz Giants and Stuttgart Scorpions. Marketing NJ Teamsterz FC alongside LITH Token at America’s largest sports event, at the 35th NFL Super Bowl Leigh Steinberg Event, is a dream come true. Geraldino says, “Marketing alongside LITH Token at the 35th Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party will bring great exposure to NJ Teamsterz FC by way of fan engagement at the event, we’ll bring fans into Don Ahern Veterans Stadium in Bayonne by giving away lifetime season passes and to at the same time, the social impact of giving back will make a difference to some kid. We would not have been able to do this if it weren’t for the support from the State of New Jersey’s Travel & Tourism Division.”

Partner and CEO Sibrena Geraldino added, “Alex and I have always thought outside of the box when we market our club. American football to the “original” football is a great marketing strategy. Many NFL owners invest in pro soccer teams abroad but in our case, a former professional football player – Alex Geraldino – has found a way to market our American pro soccer team with America’s biggest sport, American football. We want a piece of that market share to bring fans to New Jersey. We’re looking forward to gaining new fans and giving back to Bayonne’s Special Needs Soccer Camp and Friends of New Jersey Teamsterz FC!”

Two New Jersey-based nonprofit charities mentioned will receive proceeds from the sale of NJ Teamsterz minted NFT.

NJ Teamsterz FC will present 10 football fans with curated gift boxes made of birchwood, to include commemorative items including lifetime VIP Pass to all soccer matches, an official jersey, a birchwood key chain, and more. But only one lucky winner will receive the minted NFT that includes the linked physical Litty Kitty, which could be sold via auction on any Ethereum based NFT Marketplace. Provided this has disruptive technology attached to it, as a first version, and its collectible value could see drastic value increases over time.

“For 34 years, Leigh Steinberg super-agent, and one of the most influential figures in professional sports, has brought together leaders in athletics, business, politics, tech, entertainment, and the nonprofit world for his annual Super Bowl celebration, and for the 25th anniversary of the film, “Jerry McGuire,” as communicated by Steinberg Sports. This year’s event will be held on Sony Pictures Entertainment Studio Lot.

On par with NJ Teamsterz FC & LITH Token’s beliefs regarding social impact, Mr. Steinberg is also committed to bringing attention to brain health & wellness while honoring stories of the past, and the future, with support to the non-profit, The Lantern Network.

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