Nani, now the captain of MLS side Orlando City, explained what led him to embark on this project: “Being a person linked to the practice of physical exercise and with a great concern for health and well-being, I saw this app as a way to contribute to the fight against a sedentary lifestyle, while at the same time entering the gaming sphere. I’m sure ARKD World will be a fun way to motivate people to get fit.”

“ARKD World” was created by Reckless Company with the goal of promoting physical fitness by motivating people to move and exercise. The app contains several modes, with different themes, courses and distances — from the “TimeAttack” mode, where the user races against the clock, to other more relaxed options, where you can complete a 5k jog, while finding and passing various virtual checkpoints. Players can use “TimeAttack” mode to find and enjoy a personalized and safe route within their local area.

As soon as the player enters the game, they can enter “Practice Mode,” where they will be given two coins so they can experience other challenges in the game. Each game mode also has a unique t-shirt that players can unlock and then purchase to receive at home.

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