LaLiga North America and Stage Front have announced an expansion of their multi-year partnership by adding Mexico as a focused territory along with the United States.

Earlier this year, LaLiga North America and Relevant Sports Group announced Mexico as a new territory to include in the markets LaLiga North America manage, along with the United States and Canada. The goal of the expansion into Mexico is to use the undeniable power of the LaLiga brand to accelerate soccer growth across North America.

The partnership expansion with Stage Front is a natural fit as the brands focus on tickets and an industry-unique combined effort through digital media, marketing, content, global data, and fandom growth.

This partnership will provide exclusive opportunities for fans in Mexico to access tickets for games, local watch parties, online special events, and other fan engagement activities.

“LaLiga has a highly engaged and coveted fanbase in the U.S. that interacts with our properties across multiple touchpoints including content, events, and grassroots activations. Through the partnership with Stage Front we have increased interactions and activations with our fanbase. We would like to replicate the same success we had with StageFront in the US in Mexico, offering exclusive experiencies to our fans in Mexico to get closer to them,” said Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America.

“Karl Roes, Founder and CEO of Stage Front adds, “This is a natural fit as we continue to grow our relationship with LaLiga North America. Initial efforts in Mexico have brought unprecedented results. We look forward to growing this dynamic, largely untapped market together”. Tulaib Faizy, Head of Strategy, added that “Stage Front has increased its presence in soccer, globally. With new partnerships already in place in Mexico, it makes sense for this expansion to bring a fresh, unique approach to engagement and hospitality”.

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