This marks the next step further in LaLiga’s firm commitment to support the Clubs in their international expansion and to bring the competition closer to fans around the world.

Through LaLiga Exhibition, fans will have access to two experiential areas. The first is a free access area, with no time limits, where they can enjoy a range of different games plus a hospitality area. The second is a closed tour, with specific time slots for each group of visitors, where they can experience the Clubs’ changing rooms, the tunnel leading to the pitch, the pressroom and interactive games, among other attractions.

Technology will play a key role in the experience, offering digital content and dialogue with visitors. The creators have also developed a highly-flexible concept allowing each LaLiga Exhibition space to be adapted to venues ranging from 150 to 1,500 square metres.

The LaLiga Exhibition business model is based on licensing in different regions around the world. LaLiga is already working with several investors to acquire the license globally.

“LaLiga Exhibition is a key project for us to continue increasing the visibility of LaLiga’s Clubs and their international expansion in strategic markets. Thanks to the participation of top-level Spanish and Latin American partners in this first phase, we are convinced that LaLiga Exhibition will be a resounding success”, said Óscar Mayo, Director of Business, Marketing and International Development, speaking at the project’s launch event.

Latin America will be the first stop for the LaLiga Exhibition

The kick-off for this new project will take place in Latin America in the second half of 2021. It will begin in Mexico and later travel to Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. It will then arrive in other regions around the world.

For Latin America, the licensee partners will be Global Events Latinoamérica, a company comprised of a group of top-level Spanish and Latin American investors, including Andrés Navarro (Chile) and Ignacio Rivera (Spain), coordinated by Manuel Gago (Spain), as the organization’s Partner and CEO.

During the presentation. Manuel Gago assured that “LaLiga Exhibition will be a benchmark in the entertainment world, perfectly combining tangible emotions with virtual reality. Professional football in Spain has long ceased to be just a sport; it’s now much more than that. Its top management have understood this perfectly and the numbers speak for themselves. LaLiga is entertainment, a world-class spectacle combining passion and emotion, which is why at Global Events Latinoamérica we are convinced that this alliance will be a success.”

The Chilean Andrés Navarro, CEO of Grupo Sonda, Banco Internacional and Viña Santa Rita among other family-owned businesses, took part in the event remotely, underlining that “We are beginning a strategic and innovative project, a long-term commitment with LaLiga that is bolstered by the passion that is intrinsically part of the world of football, as well as a perfect showcase for brands and sponsors alike”.

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