Since 2018, LaLiga has worked together with LigaPro (Ecuador’s Professional Soccer League) to help them in the professionalization and management of their competition. They have worked hand in hand from the first steps in the creation of the Ecuadorian competition, and today, despite being a year with many challenges, LigaPro manages to successfully conclude its second season.

“2020 was a year with many challenges for the sports industry, we are very happy that our colleagues from LigaPro successfully conclude their second season. To be able to resume the competition, and guarantee the health of its participants at all times, we know that it is a complicated challenge, and the Ecuadorian competition has achieved it perfectly ”, comments Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga.

In 2018 LaLiga and LigaPro started a collaboration agreement in which the Spanish competition has helped in the management and professionalization of the league in Ecuador. From issues of economic control, technology, or sports, the Spanish competition supports LigaPro.

“We hope to continue growing together and help in the development and professionalization of soccer in Ecuador,” says Javier Tebas.

Originally published by LaLiga.

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