None more so, than in England and with 20 Premier League games being shown per season (as per the standard terms of the deal and not any extra allowance due to COVID-19 broadcasting measures), there is a sense that a bigger slice of the media pie will eventually be obtained.

With Amazon being afforded the ability to show two Premier League gameweeks in full, which means coverage of all 10 fixtures across the Boxing Day schedule and December midweek round, the landscape of how matches are consumed within the UK has been changed forever.

Change that could be fundamental when the next tender for Premier League rights is made available and if the Jeff Bezo’s owned company can weigh up the cost benefit of even more matches on their platform, then a very aggressive bidding process could play out.

This particular strategy will have to wait a while and although the likes of Sky and BT will certainly be in their crosshairs for now, plans for more content to be added have been accelerated and the focus has shifted to Italy in the short-term.

That’s because Italian giants Juventus have announced that they will be the first club to put their own in-house channel on the Amazon Prime service and now supporters can purchase their offering for an additional €3.99 a month.

With Amazon Prime only recently launching in Italy, a desire for content has been rather pertinent and with the nation being as football mad as it is, then getting into bed with the “Old Lady” seems to make perfect sense.

However, only linking up with Juventus will not be enough to warrant a constant subscriber base and like any other subscription service, there is one thing that must always be avoided. That of course being, the prospect of customer churn.

For those who are not au fait with such terminology, it is the amount of subscribers that have been lost over a certain time period and usually the way to avoid this, is to aim for the biggest contracts when assessing which sporting rights to purchase.

Which means with Italy and football being as synonymous as it, it stands to reason that Amazon will now have Serie A in their sights and with the current deal coming to a close at the end of the season, their timing could not be any better.

While this is undoubtedly good news for Serie A as a whole, as not only has a new company been recently formed to deal with the upcoming sale of their rights but a new entrant in the market will only increase competition.

As always, increased competition usually means an increase in the final figure that is commanded and at a time when finances up and down the country are looking somewhat fragile, this will be the shot in the arm that the Italian top flight clubs have been crying out for.

In addition to this, Amazon are also casting their net out towards continental competition and with reports suggesting that a Champions League package has been snared for the 2021-2024 rights cycle, this could soon be the place to watch the biggest games in one of football’s biggest markets.

Written by Dan Tracey

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