“The European Leagues’ Board of Directors has discussed the initiative of some European football clubs to create a closed European Super League for a limited number of clubs similar to those franchise models operating in north America.

UEFA and the other football Confederations from all over the world have, together with FIFA, published a strong statement against this initiative and our Member Leagues are unanimously supporting that statement.

The European sports model is based on sporting merit, promotion and relegation with qualification to international club competitions via domestic league competitions.

In the European football pyramid, every player has the opportunity to play in a club which can qualify from the base of the pyramid to the very top of professional football.

This is the foundation of the model and the main reason for footballs success.

We are determined to protect the existing model and how football is organised in Europe and the way the industry works for professional football.

All Football Associations and Professional Leagues in Europe are recognising and following FIFA and Confederation statutes, and this will guide us in our actions to stop this initiative.

If the initiative is put in motion, we will coordinate our measures with UEFA, FIFA and the Confederations.

Lars-Christer Olsson

European Leagues President”

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