The partnership comes on the back of extensive discussions between the two clubs, who enjoy many synergies and will include the sharing market intelligence on players, player development knowledge sharing, coach development exchange, game and player visits at Academy level as well as commercial, retail & operational best practice.

Tony Asghar, Sporting Director, said: “It is great to finally announce our collaboration agreement with Fulham FC.

“Having met with a number of the club’s directors, senior management and the football department on a number of occasions, it was clear that both clubs share similar long-term objectives and understand that innovative working practices are key to creating competitive advantages within our respective leagues.

“Clearly the development and the recruitment of players are key pillars to this agreement, however, both clubs share similar visions and values to achieve success, and by working together this can only enhance our individual clubs’ performances and success.”

Huw Jennings, Head of Football Development at Fulham FC, commented: “We are delighted to be signing this collaboration agreement with Dundee United. We have been seeking like-minded partners to support our football development ambitions, and the Tangerines represent a perfect fit for us.

“Our clubs share many historic features, such as our respective stadiums, but as important are the synergies that we share in our outlook for the future. Brexit represents a major gear shift for player acquisition in our industry, and by collaborating with a partner club in the UK we can both gain a competitive advantage.

“The team at Dundee United share very similar values to ours and have a great track record for player acquisition and talent development. We are really looking forward to cementing the partnership over the coming months and years.”

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