Discover innovative French sport companies

Sports are a major source of generating economic value and creating business opportunities. While the United States sports market is a powerhouse in terms of market size and influence, France has seen significant developments in recent years. As Paris prepares for the 2024 Olympics, the sports industry in France is booming, with an annual funding of nearly €40 billion, making it the country that devotes the most money to sport within the EU. New trends are emerging and are shaping the future of the sports industry:

  • Precise tracking devices and applications becoming increasingly popular. French companies like BE-LAB are developing non-invasive patented systems for the physiological measurement of sweat. Their cutting-edge technology promises advancements in understanding athlete performance and well-being. MyCoach Pro develops applications that cater to athletes of all levels, offering tools to practice, improve skills, and enhance overall performance.
  • Storytelling in sports is becoming more valued, as fan engagement is extremely important for clubs, athletes and federations. French company Sign Publishing brings sports narratives to life in captivating visual form, by creating sport comics for clubs and sport federations.
  • Streetwear and sportswear are blending – Originating from the realms of basketball and manga cultures, DAÖMEY offers a unique fusion of styles and influences.
  • The sports equipment industry has been experiencing a growing trend of customization: Metalu Plast, a global leader in sports equipment manufacturing, specializes in crafting customized sports enclosures and multi-sport playgrounds.

These innovative solutions from the French sports industry were showcased during the French Sports Days organized by Business France North America at SoccerEx Miami from November 13th to 16th 20231. This event brought together leading companies in sports. It was a unique opportunity to connect with key players in the French sports industry and explore innovative solutions from our diverse French delegation.

As the sports world continues to evolve on both sides of the Atlantic, the future for collaborations between the two countries looks promising!