Over the past few years, Cryptocurrencies, and more specifically NFTs, have encroached on our lives across several facets. Art, gaming and music have already been, and will continue to be, disrupted by blockchain technology. The sporting world is no different. This is a new paradigm for media, which the sporting content world will need to evolve with.

This nascent technology plays a role in fan engagement as football fans discover new ways to engage with their passion in a digital way.

Over the last year, NBA topshots, Sorare and Socios, to name a few, have become some of the biggest projects in the Cryptocurrency space. The reimagination of fan engagement with sports clubs – as well as the media that it is enveloped by – is going to be heavily impacted by blockchain technology in the future.

When COPA90 was created in 2012, they took the view that the future of football media was about to change forever. Almost 10 years on and they are readying themselves for the next great shift. COPA90 believes that the future of fan engagement will look very different in five years and that they have a big role to play within this.

Petrit Berisha, said: “COPA90 are leaders in the football media space, creating exciting and interesting content for football fans around the world as well as incredible brands. I’m looking forward to joining them as they enter this new paradigm of fan engagement, creator economies and media.”

Tom Thirlwall, CEO of COPA90 said: “We believe that the next iteration of fan engagement and media will be impacted massively by Blockchain technology – from ticketing and experiences to content and way beyond what is currently being imagined. We are very excited about Petrit’s appointment and the potential that exists for COPA90 in this space.”

Petrit joins COPA90 with immediate effect.

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