Bluenergy will be Udinese’s Back Jersey Sponsor for the 2021-22 season, with the company’s logo clearly visible on the rear of the playing shirts, as well as serving as the club’s Energy Partner and supplier of gas and electricity to the Dacia Arena.

At the heart of the long and fruitful partnership between the Bluenergy and Udinese is the importance that both organisations give to sustainability and initiatives to support local communities. Both Bluenergy and Udinese have taken tangible action to make their activities greener and more sustainable, with the stadium set to continue to be powered using electricity from certified renewable sources and gas with offset emissions. The gas emissions are offset thanks to a partnership with Carbonsink, a consultancy firm that supports companies operating on the Italian market to manage their CO2 emissions. Thanks to these arrangements, Udinese has saved 1530.14 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the past year.

Another important part of the partnership between Bluenergy Group and Udinese Calcio is represented by the steps being taken to increase the energy efficiency of the stadium, including improvements to the stadium heating system. Further measures are currently being assessed as part of the club’s objective of making the Dacia Arena an increasingly “CO2 free” stadium.

Ahead of the new season – with official guidance yet to be finalised – Bluenergy has planned a range of activities designed to engage both Udinese fans and Bluenergy customers. The company has run plenty of successful initiatives in the past, such as “Game of Goals”, which for three years gave the public the chance to win VIP tickets to the stadium, and “Sempre con te” [Always with you], which brought fans back to the stadium during the pandemic – albeit only virtually. Bluenergy hopes that similar activities can return for the 2021/22 season, with the aim of ensuring that the fans have the best possible experience as they soak up that magical stadium atmosphere and cheer on their team in the flesh.

“Bluenergy have become an integral part of the Udinese family,” said Udinese Calcio General Manager Franco Collavino. “They will return as our Back Jersey Sponsor for the fifth consecutive year, but the partnership between us doesn’t stop there. They’ve fully bought into the vision and values of our organisation and we share a deep commitment to environmental sustainability – something that the club is a huge champion of. This partnership means we’ll be able to continue to develop further green initiatives, like those that have seen us significantly reduce the environmental impact of the Dacia Arena over the past few seasons, as we work towards an increasingly CO2 free future for the stadium. We have also been able to organise a range of activities for the Udinese fans in recent years – and this is something that will be ramped up this coming season as stadiums reopen from August. Our hope is that more and more Udinese fans will be able to take part in these activities and support the team at Dacia Arena.”

“Our long-standing partnership with Udinese Calcio underpins the commitment of both our organisations towards sustainable actions and initiatives,” said Bluenergy Group CEO Alberta Gervasio. “There is no doubt that sustainability now represents a priority area for individuals and companies alike. When we first set about finding a partner, our aim was to link our name to a prestigious club that felt strongly about our values, such as sustainability and support for local communities. In Udinese, we found the perfect partner right away. We’re proud of the part we’ve played in the process of making a stadium like the Dacia Arena more energy efficient and minimising its environmental impact – and we’re equally proud of providing ongoing, tangible support to the local area. The success of the activities we’ve run jointly with Udinese spurs us on to come up with new, even better fan initiatives each year. We can’t wait to get started this season.”

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