Benfica is kicking off a new fan experience with interactive video NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collectible trading cards that come to life and connect fans to treasured moments in the club’s history. The football club has established a commercial agreement with Clancy, an NFT technology-as-a-service company, to develop this new video NFT collectible series in its platform. Each Benfica Video NFT Moments is a unique collectible – interactive video experience. Fans own it exclusively and can share, trade, sell and play with it.

Clancy is providing this new NFT platform for the sports, entertainment and eSports sectors to build custom NFTs. The Clancy Video NFT Moments Interactive Card is a dynamic, two-sided digital collectible card that lives in the digital world and provides content coming from professional sports, eSports, music, entertainment and popular culture.

Clancy uses blockchain technology to bind and secure consumer purchases of the Benfica NFT Video Cards. Each purchase is original and exclusive to the purchaser. Consumers will be able to sell and exchange their Benfica NFT Moments, at which time the NFT is transferred to the new owner.

“This project gives fans the possibility of collecting Benfica NFT moments through Clancy´s marketplace. Benfica members and fans can now collect NFT video moments in time through blockchain technology that has been specifically built by Clancy to be easy to use and accessible to all our fans, no matter their level of knowledge of the new technology”, said Miguel Bento, Benfica’s CCMO.

“Clancy allows fans to own interactive NFT video moments of their favorite teams. We are honored to kick-off this new technology with Benfica, one of the leading football clubs across the globe”, said Rem Langan, CEO of Clancy, adding that this launch with Benfica firmly creates a new era of Video NFT Collectible cards on to the fan-focused landscape.

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