Sorare leverages the power of digital collectibles in gaming, with the most well-known sport in the world to create a new way for football fans to engage with their favorite players. For the first time, football fantasy managers interested in Süper Lig and İstanbul Başaksehir FK players will now be able to play-and-earn, turning their passion into a reward.

Sorare and Istanbul Basakşehir FK have signed a licensing agreement that aims to put tech & innovation at the center from day one, the 7 year old Club is aiming to reach new fans around the World, promote its brand to a wider audience and create a new revenue stream.

Collecting and engaging with your favorite Istanbul Basakşehir FK players is part of the initiative to lure more people around the world into following Süper Lig and Istanbul Basakşehir FK players. They are now joining players from renowned football clubs such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Porto, already available on the platform.

On Sorare, players are represented by limited edition crypto-collectibles: player cards. Blockchain technology (Ethereum) is used to guarantee the authenticity and digital scarcity of the collectibles. For every player and every season, Sorare issues one unique player card, ten Super Rare player cards, 100 Rare player cards and 1000 Limited player cards. These are then used in the game to compete every week and can also be traded in the secondary market or on other digital collectible platforms.

Every week, Sorare managers compose teams of five player cards to compete in different fantasy football divisions to earn rewards and unlock achievements. Managers get ranked based on the performance of their players on the pitch, and bonus points related to the power of their cards. The more skillful a manager is, the more rewards he can earn in the game.

Göksel Gümüşdağ, President at İstanbul Basaksehir, explained: “We are the the youngest and most innovation focused Club in Süperlig. We try highlighting this in every partnership we agree for on or off-field. In our Wold of football, it is not possible to ignore innovation such NFTs. I am very happy for partnering with Sorare, to enable interaction for our fans and all football fans over the World via NFT player cards, also having the chace grow our our brand in another global network which has the biggest and most prestigious teams.”

Nicolas Julia, CEO at Sorare, commented: “We are proud that İstanbul Basakşehir FK has joined Sorare. Among all our users, Turkish fans spend the most time in Sorare every day and are among the most active fans in the world. This indicates a great interest that we believe to grow. NFTs are the future of fandom, allowing IBFK fans to come together and feel that they embrace the sports they love.”

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