Signed by the President of the Azorean Government, José Manuel Bolieiro, and the SIGA Global CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, this Memorandum of Understanding sets out the primary purposes of both parties, as well as the most critical areas of cooperation and matters of common concern, including:

a. Promote Sport’s positive values, such as solidarity, respect, tolerance, fair-play, trust, ethics, honesty;

b. Raise awareness on the social, educational, cultural and economic role of Sport;

c. Contribute to achieving integrity and fairness in Sport;

d. Enhance integrity, transparency and accountability in Sport;

e. Promote youth empowerment and participation in Sport, as workers, athletes, volunteers, officials, and in many other roles;

f. Forster the adoption of best practice on development and safeguarding of children and young people in and through Sport;

g. Promote healthy and positive lifestyles in and through Sport, preventing unethical and deviant behaviors and risk factors;

h. Support the development of SIGA’s thought leadership initiatives to reform Sport, including the implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS) by the Azorean sports movement, its wider regional ecosystem, and globally;

With this agreement, the Government of Azores formalises its’ commitment to support SIGA’s thought leadership initiatives , including the implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards on Sport Integrity and the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS).

Culminating the signing ceremony, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA’s Global CEO, Azorean born, stated:

“This is a crucial moment for SIGA and a very special one for me. This agreement places Sport – a Sport that we want to be governed, operated and played under the highest Integrity standards – right at the heart of the Azores’ human, social and economic development. By recognising the unique role of Sport and prioritising its integrity, the Government of Azores sets an example that should be followed by every Government. Being an Azorean myself, I could not think of a more appropriate place to reaffirm my commitment to continue fighting, for another four years, for Clean Sport. For a Sport that is truly worthy of the trust and respect of every citizen, every institution and every government.”

Emphasizing the relevance of the agreement for the Azorean sports movement and wider ecosystem, José Manuel Bolieiro, President of the Government, stated:

“This memorandum of understanding opens the door for a fruitful institutional relationship between the Azores and SIGA. There is full commitment, by the entire Government of the Azores, in pursuing this memorandum and delivering its fundamental objectives. It is our profound belief, and collective motivation, that ushering Sport into a new era of enhanced integrity can only bring benefits to all those involved, from athletes to managers and executives, and the Azores as a whole. Sport helps to consolidate human character, and that’s our aim too.”

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